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A ProfitFusion CFO is a key business partner with the Owners and Senior Leadership providing strategic financial support for a business on a less than full-time basis. The role offers the expertise, analysis, judgment and insight that benefit larger companies.  


  • Support owners and executive leadership to develop strategic financial plans that can be a guide in making better business decisions

  • Preparation of financial statements

  • Identifying, tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPI), improving efficiencies and reducing costs

  • Development of budgets, forecasts, processes and procedures

  • Development of dynamic business forecasting model – designing ‘what if’ scenarios

  • Helping other department heads be more effective by providing more information and analysis

  • Contributing to the strategic planning process 

  • Evaluating, modifying or creating systems, policies and procedures where needed

A ProfitFusion CFO assists in identifying areas of opportunity so the company can grow and prosper in the future while providing the management team time to focus on running the business.

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