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Nicole Carignan has an extraordinary combination of emotional and operational intelligence that she infuses into every experience.  As the Assistant Director of Burlington City Arts, I worked with Nicole for 3 years while she was the treasurer of BCA’s Advisory Board. Nicole helped us set up reporting systems that bridged the needs of our board and the accounting office of the City of Burlington, our parent organization. These systems provided staff with much needed tools to budget and monitor activities on a monthly basis—systems that we continue to employ today to guide decision-making, planning and growth within a complex organizational structure. I received an incredible level of personal professional development under Nicole’s tutelage, and Burlington City Arts is a much stronger organization as a result of her investment. What I love about Nicole is her encouraging approach and enthusiasm for progress, which always made working together such a pleasure. I have no doubt that businesses and organizations of any size will benefit tremendously from her expertise.

Sara Katz

Assistant Director, Burlington City Arts


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