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I had the distinct pleasure of building a quality company as a business partner with Nicole for 17 years at SymQuest Group. As President & CEO and Co-Founder of SymQuest in 1996, I selected Nicole in November of 1999 to be our Director of Finance responsible for all accounting and internal IT systems. Nicole brought tremendous energy and passion to her work and her results-driven financial skills were an ideal complement to our team. Nicole has highly skilled competencies in planning, strategic agility, and problem solving. Along the way Nicole was deservedly promoted and she ultimately became our Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer and my most trusted advisor.

Nicole was pivotal to SymQuest's growth from $12MM in 2000 to $40MM in 2016. SymQuest established a Board of Directors in 2001 and Nicole participated in every meeting as our Board Secretary. Nicole and I had the privilege to be counseled by some extraordinary business executives as Board of Directors over the years including our Board Chairman and Co-Founder Pat Robins, Bob Hoehl, Ray Pecor, Peter Worrell, Jeff Nick, Rolf Turnquist, and Mike Riordan. Our Board held us accountable for our results and we had robust discussions about strategies for growth and perpetual improvements in client satisfaction. In 2015 SymQuest Group was sold and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta. As a former owner manager, I am grateful for the financial controls and business acumen Nicole contributed to our team and assisting us in capturing outstanding enterprise value for SymQuest Group.

Nicole would be an asset to any organization in charting its course with efficiency and effectiveness. Nicole is a person of high integrity and moral fortitude. I am grateful for the financial controls - Nicole will deliver positive results.

Larry Sudbay

Managing Partner, Building Quality Companies

Former President & CEO, SymQuest Group, Inc.

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